New Heathens

From My Buddy “Mad-Dog”

On his blog "Life From The Couch." Check it out here.

“Proud Highway” by the New Heathens – a rootsy, rock ‘n’ roll band spearheaded by a man who has bylines in the New York Times, the Montana Kid himself, Nasty Nate Schweber ."

(Thanks JB. I'm all for bringing back that nickname, "Nasty Nate.")

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  1. “Nasty Nate?” I don’t remember that one, but I do remember calling you “Napalm Bomb”and/or there was that rhyme about the potato. Also I remember there a was Guido…. I could go on, I I give it some thought.

  2. Jeez Mom, you nearly ruined my entire 3rd grade year by telling my classmates the potato nickname, did’ja have to bring it up again? But thanks for reading my blog. Happy Momz Day.

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