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New Heathens Achiever: Todd Thiede

Meet Todd Thiede, the first profile in a periodic segment we'll call "New Heathens Achievers," which highlights accomplishments made either because of or despite the New Heathens, or maybe just with New Heathens music playing in the background.

On April 19 Todd entered a half-marathon at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. What was the song that blasted through his ear buds as he crossed the finish line? The one that gave him the juice to go those final strides? None other than Back to Jesus, by the New Heathens.

"That was the last song I listened to, it was the one," said Todd, shown above in Chariots of Fire pose, reenacting his fateful run (presumably done without beer).

Todd, we salute you; you have achieved.

By the way, when he's not holding a bubbly beverage Todd can be seen holding his daughter, CJ.

(Are you or is someone you know a New Heathens Achiever? Let us know at info[insert "at' symbol here]

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  1. He’s also a Little Lebowski Urban Achiever

  2. He’s also a Little Lebowski Urban Achiever

  3. I love this blog.

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