New Heathens

Satellite Setlist

After talking with Lance, the Satellite Lounge's bartender par excellence, about the upcoming Exile on Main St. reissue and Jimmy Fallon's promotion of it, I started the set with a little end-of-side-one, beginning-of-side-two Exile thing...

Tumbling Dice (Jagger/Richards), Sweet Virginia (Jagger/Richards), Torn & Frayed (Jagger/Richards), Man Out of Time (first time played out), Lucky Day, Halo of Blue, Before You Were My Baby, Gaps In My Resume, Born on 3rd Base, Elemental, Keep Me, Whatever Makes You Happy, Only You, Lonely Me, Proud Highway, When She's Wasted, I Get Excited, For Cryin' Out Loud (Keith Christopher/Yayhoos)

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  1. No “Shine a Light”?

  2. Here’s my witty comeback: Happy Birthday.

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