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Waddy (& Keef)

I went out last night just to see Waddy Wachtel because for years he's been one of my favorite guitarists and I'd never seen him live.

Then Keith Richards showed up.

Waddy tore up a set with Bernard Fowler at the Canal Room (shameless plug here for Bernard's video that I have a cameo in). Sometimes I think somebody ought to write a book about Waddy because he's played with everybody. From Linda Ronstadt to Stevie Nicks to James Taylor to even Vinnie James, the guy who used to own a coffee shop in Missoula, MT where my high school band played.

I stood at the lip of the stage, just in front of Waddy's amps, and got my ears pummeled by his guitar clinic. It even turned up on YouTube.

The other cool thing about the gig was that Keith Richards came to check it out. He sat in the VIP area with his wife, Patti. His daughter Alexandra spun reggae and Motown before the show. His oldest daughter Angela was there too, dancing. Sorry my cell phone camera isn't well suited for the paparazzo life but hey, small price to pay for, you know, hanging out with Keith Richards.

Of course Keith and Waddy go way back.

But do you know who gave Waddy his first job in music, the guy who was the musical director for the Everly Brothers and needed a guitarist?


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