New Heathens

Review: Jersey Beat

Jersey Beat, June 2010

Bursting forth right out of the gate with a furiously snappy and aggressive forward-ho dynamism with the rousing “Crybaby,” this get-down lively and exciting country-flavored rock’nroll group serves up a tasty and tuneful helping of no-bullshit straight-up rock. The passionate twangy vocals yell and holler over a fierce sonic onslaught of crunchy ringing guitars, churning basslines, and ferociously relentless steaming drums. The rapid-fire speedy tempos and chunky driving beats rarely let up for a minute. Bonus kudos are also in order for the sharp and spot-on smart songwriting. Favorite song: The superbly biting and powerful “Thankless War.” An excellent and hugely enjoyable winner. -- Joe Wawrzyniak

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