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Tue. Kind of Blue

Friends, I try and use my plugs judiciously, but I've got to let you know that Joe Flood plays Lakeside at 9 p.m. tonight. His record, "New Kind of Blue" is the best thing I've heard all year. I didn't know who this Flood guy was until I got his record. He made music with several of the cool cats in The Band, like Helm, the late, great Danko, and Garth Hudson. One listen to the quality of Joe Flood's tunes explains why.

Flood is, hands down, a brilliant songwriter. He writes simple, original melodies and outstanding lyrics. He sings them in a comfortable voice. On New Kind of Blue Flood glides effortlessly between country-tinged rock, as on his songs "Stand Up Straight" and "Sing Along With Me," rollicking folk on "Solitary Man" and "Pile of Woe," and beautiful balladry on "When In Love" and the gorgeous, "She Sang For Me." Roscoe produced and oversaw the crisp, mostly acoustic instrumentation rife with mandolin chunks, banjo pops and fiddle squeals.

Getting turned on to this guy was really a revelation for me. I've got a three disc CD player in my living room and "New Kind of Blue" hasn't budged since I first popped it in back in April. It's really a pleasure to get turned on to such a first rate songwriter.

I'm real excited to see him play tonight, along with Greg Trooper. Contrary to country wisdom, the Lakeside is the place to be when that big, blue Flood comes to town.

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