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Baby Makin’ Music

(Meant to publish this two months ago...)

Baby Makin' Music. Ain't that a nickname for rock 'n' roll? I've certainly been accused of writing too many songs with the word "baby" in the title (Getaway Baby, Crybaby) Something's going on, because it seems like everybody I ever rocked with has a little one now.

Or two! Here's Brandy Wood and her twins, Madison and Lexington (pic courtesy of Facebook)

Congrats also to my buddy Mike Russell and his wife Anne who welcomed their second child in August. Mike's my bandmate in The Goods, an infamous-in-a-few-circles band of buddies that I started singing with just after I moved to NYC in 2001. This is Blair Elizabeth, who will soon be rocking with her big brother Wyatt.

Big congrats to my great friends Michael St. George (designer of the Hello Disaster cover plus numerous gig posters) and his wife Corey. They just learned that happy news that the stork is bringing them a sweet little rock 'n' roller.

Once upon a time my band buds tried to pull babes. Now they breed 'em.

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