New Heathens

Dankje Belgium!

New review from Belgium, roughly translated to English 🙂

The new pagans, or "New Heathen's”, is a New York five piece formed in 2005 with a country rock mix that makes for a unique sound as exhibited on their new album" Hello Disaster ".

The songs are written by three band members with the largest share being that of singer Nate Schweber, but guitarist’s Nick Tiziano Dome and Phelps Butch write also on at least 3 songs on the album. Bassist Brandy Wood - formerly part of the formation of 'Cracker' - also provides harmony vocals and drummer Eric Seftel completes the New Heathen’s line-up.

"Hello Disaster" is their second album, released after their "Heathen’s Like Me ‘(2006). On this new album, we get eleven songs in which rock and roll, country and folk are interwoven, reminiscent of artists like the Backsliders, The Jayhawks and Wilco. 

"Crybaby" - the first song on this album – announces the band’s direction as they embarked on a roots rock journey with songs like "I Thought You Were My Friend", "Thankless War" and "Don’t Think I Can’t Stop”. “Pig Pen” has a stomping country-rock beat and is then followed by the soft drive of ballad "Only Gets Better". The band has an ability to change gears effortlessly as is  witnessed on the closing track, "Bastard Like Me” but it is in the more rhythmic, high-speed songs that it feels like New Heathens are at their best. No where is this better illustrated than in the three successive up-tempo songs; "Feelin 'Lucky Again," "Proud Highway" and "27 Years".

There is no weak song on this CD - an excellent performance by this dynamic band.  Also, congratulations to “Hello Disaster” producer Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, who has also produced such artist’s as Nils Lofgren, Mojo Nixon and Marshall Crenshaw.


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