New Heathens

Lost In Translation; “rootsrockvirus”

New review at Rootsville, a plainly rockin' site outta' Belgium. Were some things lost in the Babel Fish translation here? (Does my name really mean "Nasty" in Dutch? Score!)

The rootsrockvirus you would gladly catch and doctor what he must prescribe you? The new cd " Hello Disaster" of New Heathens recommended. Three times daily to take and this to " maximum volume". The New Heathens has at present New York city as a thuisbasis, but comes initially from several states such as Montana, Massachusetts, Oregon and Illinois. With " Hello disaster" to be them to their second cd.

King of the rootsrock Eric Ambel took in an appropriate manner the production at its expense and tussendoor took he also still just as the time to shake ferme gitaarriffs from its sleeve a couple. He has not yet forgotten it. There it will be executed in illustere groups such as Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, Steve Earle and The Dukes, Roscoe' s pace, The Del Lords and The Yahoos, however, for something between sits. "

Full strength vooruit" the motto of these boys is. With more open " Cry baby" the tone is immediately put. Plankgas ahead. The song has something of Jason and The Scorchers klassieker. Thus there rockers still a couple floated on this cd stand. " Proud highway" , with counsellor and friend Keith Christopher van The Yahoos and The Georgia Satellites on bass is there this way one, just like " Feelin' lucky again" where I of The Bottle rock rockets, The Quireboys and had think The Georgia Satellites and " Pig pen" , a vigorous rocker in truth Clash style. As if country music punk rock and rootsrock have taken of The Clash. But it is not only warbler Nasty Schweber which take the rockers at its expense, also gitarist Domenick Tiziano are possible there what getuige " Responsible" and " 27 years" where the accelerator is pressed also firmly.

It already rootsrockers are not what beats the bell. " I thought you were my friend" a fancy melodious rock duet with singer Charlene MacPherson of the group " is; Spanking Charlene". Delicious group name. Don' t think I can' t stopper (just because I don' t) has lain then beside The Byrds getuige the appropriate jet ear sound and the poppy sixtiessfeertje. " Thankless war" mixt folk music with rock and country music and clincher " Bastard like me" leave hear that an acoustic jet ear and an accordion are sufficient conclude a plate in beauty. Such as I already said: three times daily to take and you have to catch the rootsrockvirus. Hopelijk have to the men of Surfing Airlinesook that catch virus by means of the New Heathens. I are certainly of it that we or very fast at this side of the ocean see will get them.

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