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Check out what the Alternate Root had to say about Hello Disaster:

"There is something about the unbridled joy of playing rock'n'roll. The first chords and beats that come together in a basement or garage start in motion a ball that will keep moving as long their is momentum. For some, the garage disappears a bit as time moves on and playing is perfected. For others, they clearly develop move of a mastery of instruments but never lose that heart pounding, beat driven simplicity that is the calling card of the Big R, little n, Big R. That memory, and ability to craft three/four minute power punches, is the stuff that drives New Heathens sophomore album effort, 'Hello Disaster".
It rattles and rolls ("Feelin' Lucky Again", "27 Years"), glides and shuffles ("Thankless War", "Only gets Better" and burns rubber ("Crybaby", "Proud Highway"). Whether the electric becomes acoustic ("Bastard Like Me") or the pound of the beat gently sways ("I Thought You Were My Friend"), 'Hello Disaster stays close to the garage electrical outlets that housed the jangle of 60's guitars. For New Heathens, that works. The band brings the best of the final four decades of the last century and shines them up with their own sound stamp."

See it here (& get a free download of Proud Highway):

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