New Heathens

A Grimm Beginning

The couch is broken in! The first folks to crash at me & Smurfette's swingin' new pad also ended up performing the first house concert too. Andrew Grimm, an old friend from Baltimore who fronts the band June Star, along with his talented pedal-steel player Dave played a nice set at the Lakeside Lounge last night.

Then they played an impromptu encore on our couch.The music was wonderful. We laughed about old stories, like the the gig we played in Baltimore when Grimm introduced me to a potent Lithuanian moonshine aptly called, "Evil." He also shared the very cool news that he's officially turned pro. He quit his job teaching high school English and is now a full-time, pro musician. Andrew writes an interesting blog where he does a dollar-by-dollar breakdown of the cost, and pay, of touring.

If he's in your town check him out! And if you've got a couch, help him out. The house concerts are priceless.

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