New Heathens

Banjo’s Setlist & Video, Footnoted

Beautiful Drugs & Hard Women/Elemental/Gaps In My Resume/Mountain Stream*/Halo of Blue*/Route 66-Proud Highway*/Bastard Like Me/My Ride's Here (Warren Zevon)/Hellfire & Brimstone#/You Keep Coming Around#+/Keep Me+

#=first time played out

*=with Bill Bell on Mandolin

+=With Charlene McPherson

Thanks to my pal Jeremy for shooting video of me with his phone. This is my first public crack at a new tune I'm working on called Hellfire and Brimstone.

Thanks also to Charlene, for being game enough to perform out two new tunes that we only rehearsed once. And to Bill Bell for joining in on mandolin. Thanks for nothin', Chip Robinson.

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