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Dominator Rides Again!

Visited Domenick Tiziano and his (pregnant again!) wife in Springfield, NJ last night. Dom and I ended up rocking the hell out of an open mic in downtown Springfield. Whenever just the two of us play we call it "Dominator." "Dom and Nate," get it?

"Hello Springfield! Are you ready to rock?"

Actually, the open mic at the Irish pub featured a house band. One was a barefoot guitarist with Willie Nelson hair, a bandana and a t-shirt depicting a soaring bald eagle. The bassist had curly hair down to his nipples and his shirt unbuttoned even lower. The silver-haired drummer looked to be in his 60's and admitted that he'd "taken some time off." A talented guitarist in his late teens was very good and very loud. Dom and I surmised that he may not have yet reached that stage in his life when he'd sufficiently impressed enough women with his skills that he didn't feel the need to play so loud. We call this "turn down pussy."

But hey, the cats were game! Dom and I did a mini-Heathens set of "Proud Highway," "Thankless War," "Getaway Baby," "July 1, Near Helena, MT," "Don't Think I Can't Stop (Just Because I Don't)," "27 Years," "Back to Jesus," and the Stones' "Let It Bleed" for good measure.

Some ladies danced and a man in a kilt tapped his foot. A guy with a ratty pony tail who'd been chastised for playing Johnny Cash songs on an out of tune 12-string guitar gave us dirty looks. His buddy held court about Aleister Crowley. A man in a sleeveless t-shirt eating a steak complimented us on our "interesting selection."

"Nobody's ever heard any of those songs," he said. "But they should have."

It was good to rock out with Dom again. Put us in the right room and we can totally dominate.

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