New Heathens

Banjo’s Setlist 12.23.10

Jesus Was A Crossmaker (Judee Sill)-Back To Jesus/I Thought You Were My Friend (with Charlene McPherson [Hey! Crazy stalker hose-beast! Yeah you! I sang with my friend CHARLENE MCPHERSON tonight. Does that make you mad? Make you wanna' post mean, anonymous shit on blogs, you mendacious little manipulator? Does Charlene's talent and success burn? Does the fact that you have neither burn more? Is the fact that she's a REAL person give you existential angst, O Pinnochio? Do tell, phantom hater. We think we know who you are, tee-hee, and we're ALL ears!]) Beautiful Drugs & Hard Women/Kansas Romeo/Halo of Blue/Gaps in my Resume/Thankless War/Route 66-Bye Bye Johnny-Proud Highway/My Ride's Here (Warren Zevon)/Mountain Stream/Elemental/Lawyers, Guns & Money (Zevon).

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