New Heathens

Grazie Italy!

From the Italian website, Lonestar Time (translation courtesy of Babelfish, "for whom it can be considered their egg whites of the maturity!")

Formed in the 2005 the New Heathens quickly has attract attention in order to mix with taste and passion blues, folk, country and rock'n'roll, insomma the best sounds of American music. Guided from the Born singer and author Schweber (beyond all also to the acoustic guitar and the harmonica) native of Missoula, Montana, the band it has been entrusted to the production of a large one like Eric `Roscoe' Ambel for whom it can be considered their egg whites of the maturity. The hand of a producer is own/musician who has written some of the more meaningful pages of the Roots-rock to stars and strisce having produced people like Nils Lofgren, Bottle Rockets, Mojo Nixon and Marshall Crenshaw between the others and playing with the Dukes di Steve Earle, one of the winning papers of “Hello Disaster”, according to job after the debut of 2006 with “Heathens Like Me”. Beautiful guitars electrical workers in the best American tradition rock (and here Butch Phelps and Domenick Tiziano, the two chitarristi, deserve a mention detail), the taste for country music the more alternative and genuine but above all the love for the `padri' of the Roots music like John Fogerty, Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle is to the base of the resolution of this proposal. Titles like “Proud Highway”, “Crybaby”, “the Thought You Were My Friend”, “Don't Think the Can't Stop (Just Because the Don't)” with mythical echoes of the Long Ryders, “Thankless War” and “Responsible” not faticheranno to enter in the hearts and the minds of those who they appreciate beautifulst American music. To know and to play to high volume! -- Remo Ricaldone

(Happy birthday Banjo Jim's, rock on Chris Feinstein.)

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