New Heathens

Hittin’ The Note Review

From the current issue of "Hittin' The Note" magazine, available at all major bookstores.

Nate Schweber can spin a dirt road yarn despite his home base in the concrete metropolis of New York City. But his environment plays little into his and his band's sound. New Heathens are consummate roots-rockers, making quality music the old fashioned way with guitars drums and voices. Schweber has amassed a crew of veteran players, including guitarists Butch Phelps and Domenick Tiziano, bassist Brandy Wood and drummer Eric Seftel, who add color to New Heathens compositions, contributing not only their playing but also their songwriting abilities.

The band recorded its sophomore release, Hello Disaster, last year at Cowboy Technical Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and came away with quite the gem, brimming with loud guitars and rowdy bravado. The follow up to 2006's Heathens Like Me, Hello Disaster boasts 11 songs of meat and potatoes rock from the rollicking chug of "Crybaby" to the sweet-tempered "Only Gets Better." New Heathens is an impressive, no-frills new voice for rock and roll. -- Jamie Lee

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