New Heathens

Banjo’s Setlist 1.28.11

Lawyers, Guns & Money (Zevon)/Halo of Blue/Beautiful Drugs & Hard Women/Elemental/Gaps in My Resume/Thankless War/Back to Jesus/Crybaby/Mountain Stream/Proud Highway/Bastard Like Me

Great to hear Mo & Charlene from Spanking Charlene perform yet another stellar "Sad Bastard" set. It was REALLY cool to stick around and hear Drina Seay front her band, The Deep Blue Sea. Go Drina!

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  1. Love the newest CD. I wonder, though, since the band has departed, if there are videos or audios of the acoustic sets you do, located somewhere accessible to check out?

  2. Mr. Beck, thank you for the kind words, sir! At your request I’ll try to get some YouTube of the my next Banjo’s show and post ’em.

    Here are a couple videos that friends took of some new tunes I’m working on.

    Hellfire and Brimstone:

    You Keep Coming Around:

    Halo of Blue:

  3. Very nice vids. We have to play some gigs together again, since I am also doing acoustic gigs nowadays when band people are transitory….

  4. You bet, Randell. Cheers.

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