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“Hoosier” Favorite Beer Author(s)?

Just in time for everyone's favorite sudsy holiday payday St. Patrick's Day, the nifty book Indiana Breweries, which I co-authored with my pal John Holl, is finally out. You can order it from Amazon here.

Devoted readers of this blog (mom, Homeland Security) remember the origins of our bizarre adventure into John "Cougar" country. My good friend John Holl, who you've watched drink craft beer for breakfast on TV here, here and here , is a connoisseur of great brews and also a devoted journalist. He tapped me to join him on this Hoosier adventure, in which we visited almost three-dozen craft breweries in the "Crossroads of America" and wrote profiles of each one. (Remember: you can't spell "niche" without "IN.")

Interviewing the award-winning Liz Laughlin, brewer at Rock Bottom College Park in Indianapolis.

Along the way we slept on floors, I played a few Spinal-Tap-Meets-Hoosiers rock 'n' roll gigs, we were given massive amounts of bacon, and we quaffed Hoosier brews with some fantastic folks. Most of the anecdotes found their way into our book (the stripper who could balance a bottle of beer on her head and do cheerleader kicks without spilling did not). We name-checked the music we listened to, like the Bottle Rockets and Warren Zevon. Most of all, we wrote a definitive guide to some of the highest quality and least heralded places in America to drink craft beers, Indiana Breweries.

John outside the fantastic Upland Brewing Company in Bloomington, IN.

Please become a fan of Indiana Breweries on Facebook and stay tuned, in the next few months John and I will sign books at events in both the New York region and in Indiana.

We're looking forward to drinking some more Indy beers. After all, we literally wrote the book on it.

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