New Heathens

Satellite/Banjo’s Setlists, 5.12 & 5.13

Satellite latenight 5.12 Mohammed's Radio (Warren Zevon), Beautiful Drugs & Hard Women, Halo of Blue, Thankless War, Elemental, Carmelita (Warren Zevon) When She's Wasted, Getaway Baby, Before They Make Me Run (Keith Richards), Mountain Stream, Proud Highway

Banjo's Happy Hour 5.13 Beautiful Drugs & Hard Women, Hellfire & Brimstone, Halo of Blue, Proud Highway, Thankless War, Gaps in my Resume, Crybaby, July 1, Near Helena, MT, When She's Wasted, Bastard Like Me, My Ride's Here (Warren Zevon), Elemental, Getaway Baby, I Thought You Were My Friend, Jesus Was a Crossmaker (Judee Sil)- Back To Jesus

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