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Scenes From a Book Tour

John Holl and I just got back from a whirlwind junket to the Hoosier State to peddle our book Indiana Breweries. Some of the most fun we had was when we went on two live TV shows in Indianapolis. Up above is a still shot from our Friday morning appearance on Indy Style TV with hosts Tracy Forner and Andi Hauser.

Watch the whole, goofy clip here.

A sweet floral designer named Carolyn Clark Kurek was on the segment right before us showing how to build fascinators, hairpieces made of flowers and feathers, in honor of the royal wedding.

I thought it would be fascinating to fasten on a fascinator. Thanks Carolyn!

The other guests on the show? This really cool 7th grade steel drum ensemble from a local middle school. "Is that syrup?" a kid asked as he watched John haul in growlers full of beer. "They're beverages," John replied.

Did a nifty signing at Barnes & Noble in Indianapolis. Did you know a Starbucks coffee cup is a great way to disguise the beer you drink in public? Me neither!

At Scotty's Thr3e Wise Men, a new brewery in Indianapolis, John's kind, pug-loving cousin Kelly came out with her husband, bought a copy, and blogged that the book is "awesomely addictive."

We did another TV spot in Indianapolis on Saturday morning, on WTHR TV. By that afternoon our book had blasted up on from being the 450,000th bestseller to the 3,700th bestseller --  a climb of more than 447,000 spots! Plus, we were the #1 seller in's "Midwest Tourism" (sub-sub-sub) sub-category. Who wrote that book? Yeah, we did.

Our buddy Bob Ostrander also wrote about us on his blog, Indiana Beer.

Sunday we cruised into the great city of Chicago where John, for some reason I can't understand, made the call to eat breakfast at a place called "John's Snack Shop." The food was great, and the clientele reminded me of Elwood Blues' quip about welcoming, "all the representatives of Illinois' law enforcement community."

Really John? Really?

We did one more fun book signing at the Haymarket Pub and Brewery in Chicago. We were thrilled that the Palmer Family came out.

We landed  back in Newark late Sunday night to the exciting news about the daring Navy SEAL strike in Pakistan. John's wife April gave us a lift from Newark Airport to Jersey City via the Turnpike Extension, which has that vista of lower Manhattan's recovering skyline. On the radio, the president declared that Osama bin Laden was dead.

Which seemed like proof to my addled mind that great things happen when you carry around a copy of Indiana Breweries!*

* = Disclaimer. I had been drinking for days.

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  1. So glad you guys had a fun book tour, and it was great to finally meet you!

  2. Glad to read about your book tour and to see the live video clip! Congrats to you both on the success of your book!

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