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(Hair) Independence Day, Before & After

Forgive the gratuitous mug shots, but I wanted to show you something not seen in about 20 years. My ears! I went to (or should I say "cut") great lengths for my summer's Yellowstone Project; my very own "Montana Haircut."

This is me before.

And this is me after.

Ain't been this short since middle school!

I donated my locks to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so they can turn it into wigs for folks who lost their hair fighting cancer. It's something I'd wanted to do for a while.

Smurfette did the honors.

And, uh, tested my locks for wearability.

I hope the next person who wears my hair doesn't test it for drugs gets as as much fun and rock 'n' roll out of it as me.

I'll get to work making some more.


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  1. Wow, Nato, you look almost exactly the same as you did in middle school. (Smurfette you look lovely as always)

  2. Wow, look at you! Is your neck chilly? 😉

  3. Sissy smurf thank you very much! Missing my smurf already but happy he’s following his fishy (other) love…

  4. Good work Nate. Grow it well and give again. 🙂

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