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Nate’s Ramble: How This Blog Will Be Different for Two Months

Friends, as mentioned in previous posts, after a decade of bumbling through the New York City rock 'n' roll shuffle, I'm going to do something a little different this summer. I'm writing a book about trout in Yellowstone National Park. It will be published by Stackpole Books in 2012. By the time you read this, I'll be out of New York and back in Montana for a couple months to do my "research."

In the five years (!) I've run this blog, I've tried to keep it loosely oriented around rock 'n' roll, albeit with a steady stream of "trout porn."

Through September, this blog will be a little heavier on the trout porn, plus probably some Yellowstone trek tales as well.

To stay connected even in the deepest backcountry, I got a nifty new gizmo called The Spot. Using The Spot I can send a signal to a satellite from anywhere on earth and it will pinpoint my exact location and mark it on a Google Map. By the miracle of the internet you too (if you are interested) can track the spots I visit through Yellowstone.

Visit this page, called "Nate's Ramble,"

(For those following current events, I will be at the headwaters of the mighty Yellowstone River, the longest un-dammed river in the Continental U.S., which an ExxonMobil oil spill has fouled miles of downstream near Billings, MT)

I will be doing one NYC solo acoustic show this summer on Aug. 11, 2011 at a park in Brooklyn. Stay tuned for details.

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