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Good Morning Griz!

I only have a pretty dinky point & click camera without much zoom, so the fact that I was able to (safely, legally) get these griz pix this morning is pretty...


I went more than a month, and hiked about 200 miles before I saw my first griz last week, from a road. Then this morning I saw three griz. For contrast, these are two examples of what my other griz shots from the summer have looked like. See the difference?

(That last one ain't a great picture [I repeat: my camera is dinky], but what a scene. From one spot nearby this morning I watched a griz sauntering along the Lamar River, three wolves trotting east, a herd of two hundred buffalo rumbling west down the big valley, a dozen pronghorns leaping through the sage and a bald eagle swooping around. Man that's cool!)

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  1. There’s always a few bears hanging around that part of the valley, I posted some pics of the same bear on my facebook page today too.

  2. Go Nate! You are the real adventurer of the clan. We (Nana and I) have been following you on facebook and are enjoying your adventures, exploits and groaning about your misadventures. Remember the mantra “enjoy Enjoy Enjoy”

  3. Real nice captures there, Nate. Those bears just wanted to hear s’more cosmic American music like Hot Burrito #1, up close and personal.

    I’m really enjoying your series of reports. Kick it hard, dude!

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