New Heathens

Setlist, Cobble Hill Park, Brooklyn, NY 8/11/12

Well, that gig was totally worth flying 4,400 miles! Had a bunch of elderly folks wheeled out from the nearby home (read: captive audience). Also had a few toddlers dancing. Even had some folks in-between listening. And what a beautiful night. Big thanks to Betsey and the Cobble Hill Association. Thanks to Minerva for the pic!

Proud Highway/Getaway Baby/Beautiful Drugs & Hard Women/Elemental/Thankless War/Crybaby/Halo of Blue/Gaps in My Resume/Pocahontas (Neil Young)/I Thought You Were My Friend/141/July 1, Near Helena, MT/Jesus Was A Crossmaker (Judee Sill)-Back To Jesus/Lawyers, Guns & Money (Warren Zevon)

Nifty video from Minerva of me doing the song "Elemental" (complete with busted string near the end) here.



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  1. The park filled up quite a bit after that photo was taken, Nate. I recall seeing many folks standing, listening, dancing and clapping, too! What a special night in the park! Good to see you and hear you play again Mr. Schweber!

  2. Pocahontas cover = Bitchin.

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