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With the end of my Yellowstone Project drawing nigh, I thought these park waterfalls deserve mention and probably a less cheesy pop culture reference than my brain can make at this early hour.

Dunanda FallsGibbon Falls

Firehole Falls

Yellowstone Falls (the Big Daddy)Upper Falls on the Yellowstone River (really rockin' with this year's record runoff.)

Osprey Falls

Tower Falls(Unnamed falls) Pebble Creek

(Another unnamed falls, cutthroat trout) Pebble Creek

Lewis River, above Lewis Falls
Lewis Falls (looking down)

Moose FallsVirginia Cascades
Not a waterfall per se, but this is the fish barrier park workers built on the East Fork of Specimen Creek to keep non-native fish from climbing any further up. High Lake, the headwaters of this creek, was stocked with genetically pure Westslope cutthroat trout.

Cave Falls

Lower Cave Falls

Silver Scarf Falls(Unnamed trickle) Somewhere in the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone

Knowles Falls (upper, the last photo taken with my camera before I slipped and fell in over my head in that pool at the base of the falls.)

Knowles Falls (lower, taken with my iPhone; the backup camera)

ONE of these falls has a hot springs right at the base where you can lay back and soak and look up at a Niagra-esque panorama complete with double rainbows (and allegedly on bright nights, moonbows). It's out there for those willing to do some research, brave bears & hike!

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  1. We’ve been with you every moment of your adventure. The falls are the icing on the cake. Nana

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