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Death by Avocado

Went out to hear an old friend play music last night and had to tell the lady taking fivers at the door that I was there to see "Death by Avocado." What is "Death by Avocado?" I'm not sure exactly, but it's the name my buddy said he had to use for some reason relating to international espionage.

We got to talking about a certain music business service that we both paid for around the times our last albums were released. He told me that for this service he paid a whopping $15,000 and got absolutely nothing.

"Holy guacamole!" I said. "You paid 15 grand and didn't get anything? I didn't get anything either, but I only paid $1,500!"

It was the first time in my music "career" that I felt like I got a really, really good deal. I got the exact same nothing that he did, only I paid ten times less. Bully for me, right?

Maybe that's what Death by Avocado means.

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