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Had a small blizzard of rock 'n' roll this Halloween weekend. Here's the short set I played Sunday at Hank's Saloon in between the impressive Locksmiths and the always fantastic, under-heralded Early Grace Band.

Proud Highway/Getaway Baby/Thankless War/Halo of Blue/Elemental/Beautiful Drugs & Hard Women/Lawyers, Guns & Money

Friday night the infamous, fruitcake, ad-hoc, never-the-same-lineup-twice Gitano Herrera Tribute Band Rolling Stones Karaoke Band pinch hit at the Lakeside Lounge. We tried to play a few "Halloween-themed" Stones songs.

Let It Bleed/Shattered/Dancing With Mr. D/Monkey Man/She's So Cold/Happy/Tumbling Dice/Brown Sugar/Starfucker/Beast of Burden/Sympathy for the Devil

But the Stones tune I had the most fun performing this weekend was Lovin' Cup. The Early Grace Band called me up at Hank's to sing the harmony part. I hadn't seen those friends play in a couple years and it was a revelation to hear them again. This group rocks, folks. Great players, great songs, great choice covers (nothin' but Stones and Lucinda Williams!) great sound. I can't sing their praises enough. I can't sing with 'em enough either.

Anna & Chris from Early Grace

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