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12 Months of Trout

You know I'm a trouthead, but all my life I'd only ever fished during baseball months. That changed last February when I had to travel to Reno for family, bought my first-ever pair of waders, and caught a nice rainbow in the Truckee River. Knowing I'd spend the summer in Yellowstone working on a book about trout, I set a goal to try and catch a trout every month for a year. Today, on the 31st day of the last month, I snuck out and hit my goal.

Needing little prompting for a trout porn jag, here's proof. Most exciting for me was catching amazing, native subspecies that I hadn't before (Lahontan cutthroats, Pennsylvania brook trout), a trout species that I'd never caught before (lake trout), and cutthroat trout reintroduced to a native drainage (Westslopes on the high west side of Yellowstone). And that big Yellowstone Lake survivor in July.

The highlight reel.

1.) February 2011, Rainbow Trout, Truckee River, Reno, NV

2.) March 2011, Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Pyramid Lake, NV

3.) April 2011, Brown Trout (Smurfette displays) Oquaga Creek, NY

4.) May 2011, Brown Trout, East Branch Croton River, Westchester County, NY

5.) June 2011, Rainbow Trout, East Branch Croton River, Westchester County, NY

6.) July 2011, Lake Trout, Lewis River Channel, Yellowstone National Park

6.1.) July 2011, Brook Trout, Fawn Lake, Yellowstone National Park

6.2) July 2011, Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout (Mystery Creek) Yellowstone National Park

6.3.) July 2011, Westslope Cutthroat Trout, High Lake, Yellowstone National Park

7.) August 2011, Rainbow Trout, Reno, NV

8.) September 2011, Brown Trout, Lewis Lake, Yellowstone National Park

9.) October 2011, (Native) Brook Trout, Devil's Hole Creek, Pennsylvania

10.) November 2011, Brown Trout, Spring Creek, Bellefonte, PA

11.) December 2011, Brown Trout, Little Juniata River, Pennsylvania

12.)  January 2012, Rainbow Trout, East Branch Croton River, Westchester County, NY (Today!)

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  1. Well done sir, well done indeed!

  2. Awesome! Love all the Yellowstone photos. As an adult when I go to Yellowstone, it feels the same to me when I was a kid heading to Disneyland.

  3. Fishing all year round is a wonderful thing…great pics. Lahontan cutties are on my list!

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