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Fruitcake Rolling Stones Karaoke Returns! (With Gitano!)

That's right, we play Brooklyn Bowl at 8 p.m. tonight, friends. This one'll be special because it marks the heralded New York City return of our great friend, the Argentinian Keith Richards, the bandleader, one Mr. Gitano Herrera.

Also on the gig are Pete Smith on guitar, Eric Hartz on bass and the inimitable (though I've been accused of trying) J.D. Hughes on drums. This should be a fun 'un because it's the same lineup I first met in the basement of Niagra four years ago. You know the drill: pick any Stones tune you wanna' sing and then come onstage and perform it with a live, really kickin' rock band. (I'm just the wrangler in this outfit.)

This is the guitar that Gitano had custom-built.


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  1. This is gonna be a really fun night. Alas, I have a gig, otherwise I’d be callin’ dibs on Love In Vain…

  2. Wish I could be there, Nate. Have a blast!

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