New Heathens

Video Proof, Rough Audio, Approximate Setlist

From Monday's Last Call at the Lakeside Lounge. Rumor has it there are more official bootlegs of the night yet to come.

This is "$1,000 Car" by the Bottle Rockets. Mark Spencer, from the Blood Oranges, wears the white jacket and plays the white Telecaster. Roscoe is stage right with the Gibson. PA speaker is obviously directly in front of the video microphone.

Here's another website with some cool pictures from the show.

And here's the night's setlist, because a few folks asked me to share, and, what, some people are too cool to party with a steno notepad?

Roscoe Trio: Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, guitar; Chip Robinson, guitar; Phil Cimino, drums; Alison Jones on bass

1. Girl That I Ain't Got (Roscoe ) 2. Monkey With A Gun (Yayhoos) 3. Started (Chip Robinson)  4. Garbagehead (Roscoe) 5. $1,000 Car, Bad Actor (Roscoe -- written with Kasey Anderson, lyrics held up by Nancy Elgin) 6. "She Could Have Been A Diamond" (Jimbo Mathus) 7. I Don't Wanna' Hang Up My Rock 'n' Roll Shoes (written by Chuck Willis, dedicated to Levon, sung by Roscoe and Jimbo) 8. Tangled Up In Blue (Dylan, sung by Mary Lee Kortes) 8. Total Destruction to Your Mind (written by Swamp Dogg, sung by Roscoe with Andy York on gutiar) 9. I Wanna' Be Your Dog (by The Stooges, Charlene McPherson on vocals) 10. Gloria (written by Van Morrison, Lenny Kaye on vocals, Boo Reiners on guitar, Roscoe [!] on drums) 11. This Is Where I Belong (Kinks) 12. I and I (Dylan, Chip on vocals) 13. Workingman's Blues (Merle Haggard) 14. Raw Power (by The Stooges, Kenny Soule on drums, Erick Hartz on guitar) 15. Power Lounger Theme (Roscoe, instrumental) 16. Sway (by the Stones, Chip on vocals) 17. ???!!! tune I didn't recognize from the Lakeside Lounge jukebox!

(Postscript 5/4/12: Both Roscoe and Jay Sherman-Godfrey informed me that the last tune was "Cinderella" by The Sonics.)

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  1. Last tune was Cinderella by the Sonics.

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