New Heathens

Didn’t we…

rock the hell out of the Phyrst in downtown State College, PA on Thursday night? That's guitarman-extraordinaire Ted McCloskey on the left. He's a got an excellent new record out called "The Last of the Pin-Up Girls."  Ted asked me to pinch hit as lead singer for his band Maxwell Strait because his musical partner, the great Molly Countermine, was on vacation in Tennessee with her husband Rene (a.k.a. the bass player). You might remember me raving about Ted & Molly last fall when I got to know them while gumshoeing around State College. They rock. I tried to compensate the audience for not seeing Molly's beauty onstage by doing special dance moves. Like this.

I have some important news to share about another matter I attended to while in Pennsylvania. I accepted the job of new head coach for the Penn State football team. Just kidding. I picked something up. But I'll tell you more about that in ten days.


(Seems cosmically wrong to rave about having such a fun time on Thursday when such a tragedy went down [again] in Colorado. What can be said?)

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  1. Now, Head of the Pep Band we could believe…

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