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I Was There, I Was Told

Here's a transcript of a text message conversation Michael St. George and I had two days after last week's first annual Ryan Downey/Dukes of Haggard birthday fest. Michael was the masterminded behind the gig.

Michael: Best show ending. Ever.

Me: Ended on Happy? Sympathy? I can't remember!

Michael: Street Fighting Man with you tumbling ass over teakettle into Downey's kit. Lol! Rock n roll baby.

Me: No wonder I don't remember!!

Michael: Yes, falling into the bday boy's kit was the cherry on top of the perfect party

Here's a photo snapped pre-fall, deep in the night, during one of the all-hands-on-deck, country-honkin', Stones rave-ups. Left to right that's Phil Stark, Mike Storey, Ryan Downey, me, Pete Smith, Brendan Cavanaugh and Robbie Sokolowsky. All night long we played electrified, country-fried versions of tunes by the likes of Gram Parsons, Warren Zevon, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Waylon Jennings, the New Heathens (!!) and, of course, the Rolling Stones.

Here's the rest of that conversation:

Me: No wonder my head hurt the next day!

Michael: This has me laughing all over again.

Me: It's how the Dukes of Haggard roll!

Michael: Oh hell yeah! My head's still pounding.

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