New Heathens

Party Tomorrow


Gonna' be a fun, loose gig tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 3) at the Rock Shop at 249 4th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn. A longtime great friend of mine, Mr. Ryan Downey, with whom I've played many a gig, is celebrating a birthday. Myself and a bunch of his musician buddies are throwing a gig/jam/party for him and event mastermind Michael St. George has dubbed it:

Mike Storey will be onhand. As will Pete Smith. Pete and Robbie's new band, The Gents will play. Mike and I will probably do some of our Sons of the Wild West Sweethearts songs. AND there might just be a short, electric NEW HEATHENS set.

Gig is from 8 to 11. Heathen-y action might happen around 9? Cover is $10. If that's an issue, email me at nateschweber(type in the "at" sign here, I'm doing this to avoid spammers) and you'll be on the list. Night's gonna' close with a big Country Honkin' jam.

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