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RePlay Studios: Cool New Rehearsal Spot in Manhattan (Stones K. Inaction)

On the heels of yesterday's post about loving the new "Keith" Stones track because it sounds delightfully like so much of the noise I've made trying to sound like the Stones, sometimes, obviously, I don't even try to refract the Stonesness. This is the infamous, fruitcake Rolling Stones Karaoke band in rehearsal for our Halloween gig at BB King's last month.

We used a cool new rehearsal room in Manhattan that I wanted to plug. The place is called Replay Studios. It's in SoHo on the corner of Hudson and Clarkson. It has three very nice rooms with good amps and great drumsets (so says Doggie, a snare snob). A nifty bonus is that RePlay Studios has audio/visual recording equipment set up in each room, so you can walk out with video and MP3 clips of your rehearsal.

The hourly rates are closer to premium than punk, but the value is good. Having watched so many nice rehearsal studios go bust in Manhattan in the last decade, it's neat to see one open. The owner, John Rubin, is a former child therapist who wanted a new career (actually, John, working with dudes in bands might as well be child therapy.) While the studio gets up-and-running -- they took a bummer of a hit from Hurricane Sandy -- John's running cool discounts. We got two hours for the price of one. Good deal! Good studio!

And remember, as Stones Karaoke, we try never to rehearse!

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