New Heathens

Valentine’s Arrangement

Dig this YouTube of Boo & Elena singing the Rolling Stones' Lovin' Cup in their tour van as recorded on a dashboard-mounted videocamera. Sounds almost as good as it did here.

Speaking of stories of love and devotion, Jeff Hull picks up the saga of that extraordinary Yellowstone alpha female wolf, killed by a hunter in December, which I chronicled some here. Check out Jeff's excellent new article in Outside Magazine.

And following the footprints of that tale, here's a Valentine's Day-worthy story about the widowed mate of that alpha female. He's a dark, male wolf whose brother was also killed by a hunter just weeks before his partner. He appears to be forging a new romance with a female from a pack of wolves that are his pack's sworn enemies. Sound like Romeo and Juliet? Somebody's already quipped that this is "Shakespeare in the Park."

The living and the dead...

Have a howling good time tonight. Listen to some Drive By Truckers to get in the mood.

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