New Heathens

New Bassist Brandy Wood & Cheers to Dan


I'm thrilled to introduce you to an incredible bassist who will be performing and recording with us, Brandy Wood.

Brandy Wood

She's a phenominal musician, wickedly stylish, sweet as a gumdrop and her two favorite bands are the Rolling Stones and the Faces. Plus she's played with two bands that we love, Cracker and Freeloader.

In other words, she's a dream come true.

We did part ways with bassman Dan Ambrico, but it was very cool and amicable and don't be suprised to catch him filling in a show with us sometime. Also, check out Dan's new band, Madison Ambush. They rock hard.

I'll spare you all the gory details, but being in a band is hard, hard, hard stuff. Dan and I played together for five years and even though our musical tastes weren't exact, he is a great friend and an extraordinarily punctual, responsible, dependable, generous and learned bassist. I think we both knew that a change needed to come and when we finally sat down to have what we thought would be an uncomfortable conversation (Me: "Uh, Dan, we're going to get a new bassist." Him: " Yeah, Nate, I quit the New Heathens and joined another band.") we ended up laughing remembering the fun times we've had.

Dan and I said to each other years ago that we would never let friendship get in the way of making the best music we could. Thankfully, now we are both making the music we want, and we're still great friends.

But come out and see us with Brandy. If you thought we sounded good before, whoo-baby!