New Heathens

Studio Day #2

Sunday, July 29, 2007: Finished day two at the studio and we laid down the basic tracks for three more songs. Butch’s “Pig Pen,” as well as “Only Gets Better” and “Crybaby.”

Our friend Charlene McPherson, from the band Spanking Charlene, stopped by and kept us entertained with wild tales from a recent fetish party she ended up at.

I was a little surprised with the last two songs Roscoe picked to record (from a dozen or so acoustic demos we gave him). “Only Gets Better,” which is a slow song that we often don’t play in the raucous bars, sounded great in the studio. Crybaby was slowed down from the wanna-be-Ramones sounding thing we had been playing into a badass rocker.

I think we’re all psyched and surprised at how good the tracks are sounding. They’re darker, richer, more muscley, and sleeker than our first record. I dig where we’re going as a band.

Going back in about half an hour to do overdubs.