New Heathens

Cowboy Technical Studios Day #3

Monday, July 30, 2007: Last day at the studio went by pretty quick. I tried doing some vocal overdubs, notably on “Only Gets Better,” but Roscoe was quick to notice (and I was equally quick to admit) that my voice was cashed from singing for almost three days straight. I think some of the vocal takes I laid down while we were recording the songs, on tunes like “Crybaby” and “Feelin’ Lucky” were good enough to take. Domenick laid down a wonderful vocal on “27 Years,” as did Butch on “Pig Pen.”

Roscoe played some cool sounding 12-string acoustic guitar on "Don't Think I Can't Stop" and a slick Nashville tuned acoustic on "Only Gets Better." Made both of 'em sound real nice.

We’ve still got tweaks and overdubs to do, but we’ve got the bones of six solid tracks done. Can’t wait to get back in the studio and finish these up, and record some more, hopefully for a sophomore effort.

As a final funny aside, we paid for the sessions with money we’d saved from playing gigs and selling merch. Domenick, the treasurer, kept the money in thick paper envelopes that were as dense as bricks when he brought them to the studio. We paid poor Roscoe with enough one-dollar bills to keep busy at the strip club of his choice for months.