New Heathens

Iron Monkey, Jersey City, July 26, 2007

Thank you Agatha. Thank you Robin. Thank you Minerva, the only New Heathens fan to see us in four different states. And thank you Minerva's friend Andy from Virginia Beach.

Y'all were the only people who saw our two-hour show at the Iron Monkey in Jersey City last night.

Look, no band loves to outnumber its audience but sometimes it happens. The good news is that we played pretty damn good. Butch ripped off some badass solos, the rhythm section pulsated and Domenick continued his hitting streak. So whether we look at it as a private gig for a girlfriend and a few superfans, or a public practice, we still got paid, got ready for the studio, and sold a couple of CDs to boot.

I'm EXTRAORDINARILY psyched to go back into the studio tomorrow. We hit Cowboy Technical Studios at noon. That's 26 hours from now. I'm counting down. -- Nate