New Heathens

Butch’s Wedding Party

Beauty and the Butch

Butch and Amy tied the knot and they did it right. The New Heathens telecaster master and his bride got hitched in a New York apartment last month, honeymooned in Oregon and Hawaii, then threw a big party for their family and friends last weekend at a banquet hall above the beach near Butch's family's home in Cape Cod.

We had a ball up there, drinking, dancing, eating clam chowder and watching the light fade on the Atlantic Ocean. Butch looked handsome in his tan pinstripe suit and Amy looked beautiful in her long, white dress.

The newlyweds asked some of their friends to make "wedding mixes" on their iPods and then they blasted the tunes over the loudspeakers to see which one could turn the party the wildest. Butch dubbed me "D.J. Hasselhoff" (no explanation) and I spun tunes with "love" and "marriage" themes like Chuck Berry's "Teenage Wedding" and the Drive By Trucker's "Mary Me." And "For Cryin' Out Loud" by the New Heathens for good measure. The one song I forgot? "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" by the Georgia Satellites. Duh. Another one of Butch's friends played that one. Then another one, Josh, danced like a banshee the whole night. He explained later that in the Jewish tradition the more respected a person is in a community, the crazier he or she must dance at weddings to make the bride and groom happy. I dig that idea. I'm betting that's why Josh won first place in the "wedding mix" competition and took home the grass skirt. Me? I got the shotglass with feet and a coconut bra.

I liked that dude Josh. He, Butch and me sat around a pool singing Bob Dylan and Hank Williams Sr. songs until 4 a.m. Then we wound our way back to Butch's family's place, a 200 year-old home that's been in his family for eight generations.

What a great weekend. Congratulations Butch and Amy.