New Heathens

Canadian Coal vs. Bull Trout

Not that it's particularly Heathens related but, hey, it's a blog, I can spout about things that get my nose open.

A Canadian mining company wants to dig up coal at the headwaters of the North Fork of the Flathead River, which forms the western boundary of Glacier National Park. I go fishing there every summer. Boooo!

What's worse is that this mine would destroy the most fertile bull trout spawning habitat in the whole region. Double boo.

And the company's "fisheries biologists" totally lied about the populations of native bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout, both threatened. This earns the Cline Mine that rare and wretched trifecta, the triple-boo.

Read the story here , and start doing the let-people-know thing. It's not cool when our pollution goes up into Canada. Or vice-versa.

(See that bull trout picture? I saw it on a grocery store window in South Orange, NJ as an advertisement for the fish sold inside. I KNOW that grocery wasn't selling any bull trout. I find it strange that of all the fish images in the world they could've used for their add, they used a bull trout. Never thought I'd ever see a bull trout in New Jersey. Weird.)

Oh yes, NEW HEATHENS, you say? We're doing some pre-production this week for an upcoming studio session right before Christmas. Pray for us, friends.

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