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Del Lords Day! (Harp Cameo)

Friends, do you know about the new Del Lords record yet? It's called Elvis Club, and it's officially out today.

Here's a video from the album called Chicks Man, one of the more clever YouTube things I've seen:

Elvis Club -- a pseudonym the Del Lords used a couple years ago when they played their first gig in two decades at the late, great Lakeside Lounge -- is a corker of a record. It starts with the groovy and eminently sing-alongable tune, "When the Drugs Kick In," rolls on with the funky workingman's lament, "Me & the Lord Blues," gets lowdown with "You Can Make A Mistake One Time" and ends with a steam-engine hot version of Neil Young's "Southern Pacific."

The Del Lords cut four albums in the 1980s and were kinda' roots-rock before roots rock was a thing. The guys, guitarslingers Scott Kempner and Eric "Roscoe" Ambel (y'all know Roscoe) plus drummer Frank Funaro and a bass player to be named later, reunited for fun.

The record also features yours truly playing a little harmonica on a cool song called "Flying." Very happy I got to be a "clubmember" for a song.

Check out Elvis Club! Get rockin'!

(We've successfully transitioned from trout back to music on this blog.)

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