New Heathens


Friends, please come out to the Delancey tonight at 9 p.m. to see the album release show for Shu Nakamura. Shu is a longtime bud, an excellent dude, and one of the finest guitar players ever produced by the great nation of Japan. He enlisted me and three other rockers for his backing band, called the "Ninja Choir." In addition to playing a few Japanese rock standards, Shu's going to play original tunes that deal with such topics as: ninja fighting, samauris, dermatological maladies and bathing cats (spoiler -- not a euphemism.)

Gonna' be a good 'un!


Bo Knows Life


Tuesday, Sept. 10

(This would be the reprise.)


Executive Producing

Booked a session at Cowboy Technical Studios yesterday and recorded two new songs for my next record featuring the incredible pickings of Elena Skye and Boo Reiners on mandolin and banjo. Producerman Roscoe took this picture using the panorama app on his iPhone 5 (in case you wonder why the neck of the guitar I'm holding looks wonky.)

After my tunes, Elena and Boo recorded a couple of theirs too. After one great take, Roscoe started laughing. "You know what?" he giggled, cocking his thumb at me. "Slim over here is the Executive Producer."

Hey, I think these two kids have real talent. Stay tuned for the tracks...


Spanking Charlene: Sidestage & Backstage

My friends in the band Spanking Charlene kicked out the jams last night in one of New York City's rock 'n' roll valhallas, the Bowery Ballroom. They kindly invited me out to play harmonica on one song, which was a real thrill because it was the first time in almost a dozen years of musical striving that I set foot on the vaunted Bowery Ballroom stage. I got an all access pass, too. Here's the view from sidestage, all energy and glory.

Backstage? Coke and strippers!

Note how jaded Charlene looks. What a rock star.